Why Did My Boyfriend Break Up With Me?

Everyone breaks up - it's a part of dating. But not everyone knows exactly why.

If your boyfriend broke up with you, and you still want him back? You'll need to learn the REAL reasons he let you go. Because what a guy says - and what he truly means - during a breakup are usually two very different things.

Why Boyfriend Dumped You

The bad news is that your ex lied to you. The good news is that no matter how he broke up with you, there's always a path - a series of words and actions - that will lead you back into your boyfriend's arms.

But before any of that, you need to know exactly why he ended things.

When trying to reverse an unwanted breakup, your biggest danger is that you believed everything your boyfriend said about why he's letting you go. In truth, you had no reason not to. He probably sounded sincere, and you were probably too upset to realize he was pretty much snowing you.

Want the truth? Guys will VERY RARELY tell you the real reasons they're ending a relationship. And this is because they're not looking to give you an honest explanation... they're more interested in getting out as quickly and cleanly as possible.

So what do they do? They lie. They tell you the most irrefutable things. "It's not you, it's me". Or something like "I need some time alone" or "I'm not ready to be serious right now". All of this is bullshit, of course. What he's really saying is that he's not ready to be serious with YOU.

Guys will lie about why they broke up with you in order to move quickly away. They don't want arguments. They don't want begging or pleading or you saying that you'll "fix" whatever it is that's broken. Doing those things will push your ex away even further and faster than if you said nothing, so make sure you dont' make that mistake.

The REAL Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Broke Up With You

What you'll find next is a list of SEVEN reasons a guy will normally break up with you. A few of them will be hard to accept, but you need to be honest with yourself and find the true reasons your romance ended if you want any hope of reconciliation.

You Tried to Control Him

Control. We all seek it, we all want it. But when we get it? We often abuse that power. And in this case, it's entirely possible you were way too controlling when it came to how you interacted with your ex boyfriend.

Think about how your boyfriend's life was in the beginning, when you first met him. Did he have lots of friends? Hobbies? Did he hang out with friends and family a lot more?

And what about now? If your ex shifted things so that he spent virtually all his time with you, he probably felt pressured. And if you resented him whenever he went out with friends or did things without you? This weighed on him heavily, over time.

Overly-controlling relationships always end badly. You can't control somebody and expect they're going to love you for it. Likewise, trying to control your ex boyfriend had a negative impact on you as well, because the more control you had? The more you wanted. It's a spiral of neediness that never seems to be fulfilled.

People who feel manipulated or controlled will grow increasingly distant. Did your ex feel that way? Eventually they leave, and usually without warning. The original feelings of love and affection were eroded away by constant pressure from what effectively becomes more of a 'parent' than a mate.

You Were Way too Insecure About the Relationship

This is one of those behaviors you don't even realize you're exhibiting. But every time you do, you're destroying your boyfriend's opinion of you just a little bit more.

Ask yourself this: did you always hound your ex boyfriend to say that he loved you? Did you ask him if you were beautiful? What about his ex girlfriends? Did you compare yourself to them, or badmouth them, or try to get him to say you were the greatest lover he ever had?

Those questions are a big sign of insecurity. You should be living in the present, not the past, and you should be happy with the fact that your boyfriend loves you for YOU... and not frightened that he doesn't love you enough.

The worst thing about being insecure is that it can snowball quickly. The more you internally convince yourself that you're not good enough for him? The more HE believes it too. Your boyfriend stars wondering what happened to that strong, vibrant, independent girl he once loved so much. Suddenly she's been replaced by someone who needs constant reassurance and validation, to the point where it actually becomes annoying.

No relationship will survive if one person is terribly insecure about themselves, and about the status of the romance. You get what you give; and if all you're doing is taking away? Your guy will quickly lose interest in constantly trying to appease you.

You Were Jealous... Almost all of the Time

Jealousy is powerful. But it's also very, very ugly.

When you're insecure for a long time, what happens is that insecurity manifests itself in the form of anger. And how do you display that anger? By constantly acting like a jealous girlfriend.

This is hard to see, especially when you turn your gaze inward to look at yourself. Nobody likes to think they're that jealous person. But ask your friends, or even those who knew you as a couple? And you might get a different answer.

A jealous girlfriend is never going to last. If you were constantly checking up on your boyfriend, swiping his phone to read his text-messages, following him in the dead of night or spying on him through friends or whatever? You were definitely "that girl".

What happens here is that this behavior slowly becomes 'normal' over time. You'll stop your boyfriend from looking or even talking to other girls, and all the while, you'll think it's 100% okay. Over time, things get more and more intense. Until one day your boyfriend looks and realizes "Holy shit, this is crazy!" And that's when he runs.

Again, your ex isn't going to say "I'm breaking up with you because you're too jealous." In an effort to get him back, you'll offer to fix that. Hell, you'll offer to fix anything. Instead, he'll say "I'm breaking things off because XYZ..." where XYZ is some bullshit excuse for him to quit without argument.

There are 4 more behaviors (7 in total) that might cause your boyfriend to dump you. Find out what they are - and how many of them you're guilty of - before we move forward to the next step.

What Can I Do to Make Him Want Me Back?

Once you know why your boyfriend broke things off, you can focus on what needs to be done to reverse the process. Getting him back is a matter of recreating the original circumstances of your relationship, back when the two of you first fell for each other and the attraction was overwhelming.

To do this, you'll first need to get him to miss you. Until you actually go away, your ex boyfriend will still have you in his life (though texting, Facebook, Instagram, word of mouth from friends, etc...) so he'll never undergo the emotional detachment process that will create a NEED for you in his life again.

This is where counter-rejecting the breakup comes in. Something like:

"You're right. We should break up. I'm glad I can see it now, and I wish you all the best."

Saying these words neutralizes the current situation. Your ex stops trying to distance himself from you, for the simple reason that you're no longer chasing him.

And you're not just glumly accepting the breakup and slumping away... you're AGREEING with it. This is tremendous, because for the first time it actually puts you on his side. You and your boyfriend are allies, almost friends even, and you're united in one thing: you shouldn't be together, and you should probably both go your separate ways.

Now obviously this isn't what you want in the end. But for now? Agreeing, accepting, and withdrawing are the three biggest things you can do. This sets the stage for getting back together, somewhere and someplace down the line.

There are other opening moves to learn as well. Do them in exactly the right order, and your boyfriend will very quickly change the way he currently sees you, as well as how he views the breakup.

From here, there are a series of steps necessary to fixing things between you your ex. The downloadable guide at the bottom of this page will flesh this out for you, but without going into too much detail the steps are:

Attract Ex Boyfriend
  • Disappearing from your boyfriend's life, to get him to wonder about you
  • Having a great time without him, so your ex feels like he's missing out
  • Enjoying single life - employing ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous
  • Knowing exactly when to contact him again - making him welcome communication from you
  • Restoring the original magic of that honeymoon phase - getting him to love you again
  • How to handle the reunion date - seeing your ex boyfriend again for the first time
  • Repairing the original cause of your breakup, and moving forward together with a fresh start.

Obviously, your ex didn't make the decision to dump you as a snap judgement. There were probably a number of factors, and eventually, "the straw the broke the camel's back".

Similarly, repairing the breakup is a step-by-step process. It won't happen overnight, and it might take a few weeks before you can get your ex to trust you again.

Remember: you can't just convince your ex to start over. There's no "logical" argument that will reverse his thinking. He's not going to come running back to you because of something you say, you'll need to employ a series of actions - and yes, inactions - that will ultimately result in changing how he currently feels about being with you.

In short, don't move forward with a plan of attack. Don't think you can get your ex to come back to you just by picking up the phone, or showing up at his house or job and just "winging it".

Breakup Reversed

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Still, you can't wait around forever and still think your ex will be there. So the sooner you get started on these techniques? The better your chances of getting wrapped in your boyfriend's arms again.

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