Identifying Signs That Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you or seeing someone else behind your back, you'll need to know for sure. There's nothing more damaging than staying in an unfaithful relationship, and if your boyfriend is screwing around with another girl it could even get dangerous. Catching your boyfriend cheating isn't always easy, but there are undeniable signs that your man has cheated on you... if you know where to look for them.

Catch Boyfriend Cheating

Catching a Cheating Boyfriend

Signs of cheating can range from extremely secretive to not-so-subtle, but chances are it won't be as easy as walking in your boyfriend or husband in bed with another girl. To catch your man doing something behind your back, you'll need to make yourself a lot more aware of your relationship and your surroundings. Being hyper sensitive to what's going on around you can help you sense any strange behaviors your man might be exhibiting. You'll also need to check for any changes to his daily schedule - a sure sign that something might be up.

Confronting your boyfriend without enough evidence that he's screwing around on you could be disasterous. If it turns out he's not, you're going to unnecessarily destroy a lot of trust within your relationship - trust that you might not get back. And if your man is cheating, not having enough evidence to pin it on him will result in something even worse: him getting away with it. If you suspect you're being cheated on, it's important to gather all the evidence possible and really find out one way or the other. And to do this correctly, you'll need to do it without him knowing.

How To Tell If Your Ex Boyfriend Was Cheating On You

If your relationship ended or you were dumped by your boyfriend, you might suspect he was seeing someone else. In trying to get back together with your ex, it's important to know what you're up against. If your ex ended things with you in order to pursue other love interests, this will be a major factor in whether or not you want to take him back. And if you do decide to try and make things work with your exboyfriend, you'll need to specifically learn the step by step process for how to get your ex back from another woman.

Finding out if your ex was cheating on you after you've broken up will be a lot harder than if you were still dating him. You won't have access to the same avenues of evidence you would if the two of you were still together. Even so, there are methods you can use to determine whether or not your relationship ended because it wasn't working out between you... or if there was another girl involved. Find out what these are, so you can decide which angle to use when reconnecting or communicating with your ex boyfriend.

Easy Ways To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

The following list of behaviors and changes in your boyfriend's daily routine can identify patterns of cheating within your relationship. Being with another girl is difficult for some guys to hide, especially if he's falling for this other woman. The closer he gets to her, the easier it will be to know that he's messing around with someone else.

 Your Boyfriend Takes Secret Calls - Any time your boyfriend or spouse walks into another room to take a phone call, it has to be for a reason. If the room you're in isn't noisy, there's a good chance he's in there having a conversation he doesn't want you to hear. And if it's a quick conversation, where he claps his cellphone shut quickly and then walks back into the room pretending like nothing happened? It could be a sign that your man is cheating.

 He Begins Hiding His Cellphone - When you're in an honest relationship, your boyfriend's cellphone should be a carefree accessory he leaves lying all over the house. But once his phone starts disappearing from view? Something's up. If your man is suddenly hiding his cell phone, you can bet it's for a reason. He has calls or text-messages from numbers he doesn't want you to see.

 He Starts Working Extra Hours - Everyone has jobs that sometimes require overtime, and this alone isn't a sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you. However, if his job suddenly requires him to spend lots of extra hours and at different times during the week? It could be a sign that something's amiss. Look for consistency. If there isn't any, your man could be seeing someone else.

 Your Boyfriend Is Out at Strange Times - Everyone's schedule is different, and you may have a boyfriend who goes out a lot. This is normal, but what's not normal is a sudden change to the days and times that he's running out the door. If he's going out much later than he used to, or waking up earlier than he ever did before, there's a chance he might be unfaithful to you. Again, consistency is key.

 He Begins Taking A Sudden Interest In His Appearance - Your boyfriend going out and buying a few new outfits is all well and good, but when he starts really sprucing himself up each day you'll need to wonder what he's up to. Guys like to become comfortable in their current relationship, and when this happens they don't pay as much attention to their appearance as they did in the beginning. If your man dressing sharply all of a sudden? Hitting the gym? Doing both? It may be something innocent, or it might be that he's making himself look good for someone else.

 He Starts Wearing Cologne - If your boyfriend starts spraying cologne on himself when he leaves (and even worse, when he returns), you'll need to take note. If this is something he always did, fine. But if it's something he rarely or never did before, odds are good he's covering something up. It could be the perfume of the girl he's seeing on the side.

 Your Boyfriend Changes Computer Passwords - One of the strongest signs that he's hiding something might be the way your boyfriend uses the computer. During a relationship in which he's got nothing to hide, you might know everything from his online passwords to his ATM pin codes. But once he changes these things? There's something he doesn't want you to see. If he's deleting his browsing history, it might mean he's just watching porn... or it might mean he doesn't want you to see that he's accessing a new email address he just set up.

 He Starts Unnecessary Arguments - When a guy needs to see his secret lover, he needs an excuse to leave the house. If your boyfriend is picking fights or starting arguments over insignificant little things and then storming out of your home or apartment? There might be a more dishonest reason behind it. Keep an eye out for such behavior.

Guys also tend to be very careful in the beginning, when they first start cheating on you. Over time though, they tend to get sloppy. As they fall into a pattern of not getting caught, they become more comfortable with what they're doing. This is the best time to identify unfaithful behaviors within your relationship.

What To Do When You Suspect Your Boyfriend Is Seeing Someone

Suspicion is one thing... proof is another. Too often women trying to catch their husbands or boyfriends cheating make the same mistakes - stalking and following them, calling numbers they see on their cellphones... and then eventually confronting them before they have their facts straight. Again, it's important to not just suspect your ex is seeing someone else, but to know whether or not this is the case. You don't want to scare him into taking his affair underground, which is what will happen if you approach him without enough proof.

Checking Your Boyfriend's Email

Luckily, we live in a modern world where getting such proof is easier than ever. Today, you can do any of at least two dozen things to know whether or not you're being cheated on. Checking up on his computer is just one of them. Between hacking his email accounts, examining his browser history, and looking up any deleted files he's trying to hide from you, you can easily use your boyfriend's computer to determine whether or not he's seeing another woman.

Cellphones are an even bigger source of information. If your boyfriend is cheating on you, odds are good he's communicating with his new love interest over his cellphone. This will come in the form of phone calls or text-messages, and probably both. At first, your man will delete any incoming or outgoing calls to and from whomever he's seeing on the side. But over time, he may get sloppy and forget to do this. Ditto for text-messages. In fact, some guys like to keep certain sexy messages in order to refer back to them later on. In this case, your boyfriend will probably lock his phone.

A locked phone or computer should always send up red flags when it comes to your relationship. By not giving you innocent access to these devices, your boyfriend is conveying the message that he's got something to hide. Although everyone's entitled to a certain degree of privacy, you should inwardly question a guy who's trying to keep you off his phone or computer. Something is definitely up.

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