So you broke up, you've been apart for a while, and suddenly your ex starts throwing off signals again. Or maybe you're looking to get back together with your ex boyfriend, and you want to know what signs he'll give off when he starts considering, and maybe even wanting you again.

Signs He Wants Me Back

Ex boyfriend signs will come in a lot of different ways. Some of them will be overt, like your ex calling to talk to you. Others might be a little more subdued, like a seemingly innocent late-night text message.

There are behaviors to consider. Eye contact. Body language. It really gets confusing, especially when you're afraid of reading too much into things because you're trying not to get your hopes up.

But what do these signs mean? Which of them are bigger indicators that your ex is thinking of you again, and which are smaller, false signals that you can basically ignore?

Ultimately, you'll want to be an expert at reading the bigger signs that he still wants you. Because knowing exactly when your ex is flirting - and when he's not doing anything at all - can help let you know when to act, and when to hang back.

Reversing any breakup requires timing. Just like in life, being in the right place at the right time - and doing all the right things - can mean the difference between fantastic success and disasterous failure.

Reading Your Ex Boyfriend's Body Language

Just as important as what your ex says, is the way in which he says it. Obviously if he's contacting you over the phone or via text message you'll have no chance to examine his body language. But in person? The way he's standing, the way he leans into you when he talks... those things are an important indication of his level of interest.

Does he touch your arm when he speaks to you? Does he laugh a lot? This is obvious flirting. Yet here you are, his ex girlfriend. So either he's flirting with you to be cruel, or maybe he's interested in you again... in one aspect or another.

Conversely, is he leaning away when you talk to him? Does he appear distracted, or look around, scanning the rest of the room during your conversation? These are signs he's looking to escape. Especially telling is when your exboyfriend is nodding his head and "yeah"-ing you a lot. If he's interested, he'll engage you in what your saying and ask questions so you can expand on it. If he's not interested, he won't.

Biggest Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Might Want You Again

Okay, let's move onto the signs and signals he's digging on you again. Here they are, in no particular order:

• Your Ex Starts Making Himself Very Available

This will happen when your exboyfriend wants to run into you, or talk to you, but he doesn't want to appear like he did it on purpose. He'll start showing up in your social circles. Hang out at places he knows you're going to be. He basically wants to see you, but he's also playing things cool, as if seeing you wasn't his intent at all.

Some guys will do this to spy on their ex girlfriends, and that's okay. If his intention is to find out what you're doing, or who you're hanging out with, it's probably because he's afraid of you meeting someone else. This is a really good indication your ex boyfriend still wants you "around", just in case he changes his mind and wants you back. Otherwise, he wouldn't care so much about what you were doing.

• He Sends You a Text Message After a Long Period of No Contact

When that text message shows up unexpectedly from out of left field, it's because you've caught him at a vulnerable time. Your ex is missing you. And not just missing you, but missing you enough to reach out to you.

You've probably texted each other thousands of times, but no text-message is as important as this one. While it doesn't necessarily mean your boyfriend wants to get back together again tomorrow, it's a very big indication that you have some sort of sway over him, after all this time.

If he texts you like this, text him back. Keep it simple, keep it quick. Don't overcommit, no matter what he says. Even if he tells you he misses you, you have to keep your feelings in check by staying one step back from whatever level he's on.

Do this, and you can swing the balance of power in your favor. There are additional techniques to do this, so make sure you learn them as well. Because once you hold the power? Your ex boyfriend starts chasing YOU.

• Your Ex Starts Talking With Your Friends (or Family)

When this happens, your ex is checking up on a few things. First, he wants to know where you stand. Maybe he's fishing to see if you're still single, or you met someone else and are already dating him. Or maybe he's just checking to see how you feel about the breakup.

Are you down? Depressed? These things will show. This is why you always want to put on your best game face - even for family and friends - when it comes to how you're handling the break. You want your ex boyfriend to hear stuff like: "Yeah, she's doing great!" whenever he talks to your friends. This will not only make him a bit jealous (that you're having fun without him) but it'll also make him start to wonder if letting you go was the right move.

Now if he's talking to your family? That means a little more. It shows that your ex still cares what your family thinks of him. And a guy would only really care about this if, in his head somewhere, he still sees himself back together with you. It means he sees a future with you, one way or the other.

• You Get That Random Midnight Ex Boyfriend Phone Call

A phone call is a more personal connection. When compared with getting a text from your ex, the phone call means a lot more.

The post-breakup random phone call will usually come at night. This is because your ex is tired, emotionally drained from the day, and most of all, alone and lonely. The idea that he's thinking about you during this time - when his defenses are down - is definitely good. The fact that he called you is even better.

Make sure you hande this type of call correctly. Be happy to hear from him, but don't be overly anxious or sound too excited. Also, don't let the conversation steer down any serious avenues. In other words, don't talk about the break up, or about your former relationship.

If he mentions those things, just nod along with him and give him a few "yeah, I know"'s, or skip the topic and ask how he's been doing. Don't pry, though. Even if you're dying to know what your ex boyfriend has been up to (and if he's been seeing other girls), you can't use this phone call to shake him down for information. Basically you want him to feel comfortable, so he'll call again.

• Your Ex Boyfriend Asks if You Want to Meet With Him

When he really misses you? Your ex might ask to see you again. He'll probably blow it off as something completely innocent; maybe coffee or something, or maybe he'll make up some excuse to see you - like he has to pick up something he left at your place.

When this call comes, agree to meet with him, but don't be TOO available. You might want to turn down his first suggested time/place with "Sorry, I'm busy that day", and then accept his alternative. Whatever you do, don't question the motives. Just roll with it.

In meeting him, you want to handle it a lot like the aformentioned midnight phone call. Let your ex do most of the talking. Listen to what he's saying - he might even let slip the true reason for the breakup (it's not always what he said it was). Also, examine his body language. Look for signs of closeness and familiarity, because those signals will be big indicators that he's almost ready for a reconciliation.

Don't pry, and don't discuss anything heavy like the fighting or whatever led to the end of your relationship. Make small talk, be cheery, and try to make him comfortable in seeing you. Basically, eliminate any awkwardness. You want him to fall back into the familiar place he was back when you were dating and completely secure around one another.

Other Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend is Still Into You

There are a handful of other important signals he'll make when your ex wants you back. Some of them will require that you act on them, so make sure you know how to spot each of them.

Now if you're having trouble getting your ex to give you these signs? You'll need to employ some emotional reconnection techniques. There are methods that can exploit your ex boyfriend's emotional memories of you, triggering responses that make him want and need you again. You can read more about them below:

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