Common Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

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Before arriving at this point, it's a good idea to understand the steps involved in making your ex want you back. For a complete guide on how to get back an ex boyfriend, as well as an introductory video showing you how you can begin accomplishing this tricky process, be sure to check out The Magic of Making Up.

Your Ex Boyfriend Always Wants to See You

Coming to visit or wanting to meet you out somewhere is an excellent sign your ex is missing you big time. Even though he may have initiated the break up, it shows that he's still thinking about you on some type of level. And if he's willing to see you in some public places, then it's probably a good bet your ex is not hiding you from a new girlfriend.

Ex Keeps Contacting You

An ex boyfriend physically wanting to see you can mean one of two things. First, it can be nothing more than him trying to hook up with you again. After being apart for a while, he could be thinking about you and missing you in a more physical type of way. Be prepared for this, because if you're looking to reestablish a long-term relationship with your ex, this will not be what you want. For both of you to move forward constructively, you'll need to be on the same page.

The second reason he might want to see you is a lot more hopeful: he's doubting the break up. Getting your ex boyfriend back is all about making him rethink his decision to end the relationship. If he's asking you to lunch or showing up at your house to say hello, he's trying to figure things out in his own head. Be friendly, be cool, and let him do it.

Some girls can get confused here, because suddenly their ex boyfriend is coming on in more of a friendship type of role. After being together romantically for so long, this can be a little weird. They start to think "maybe my ex just wants to be friends", but being friends is never the case. Either your ex wants to be with you romantically, or he wants to know that he still can be with you when he's ready to finally get back together. He's not looking for a buddy to hang out or play video games with... chances are he's got more than enough of those already.

Your Ex Boyfriend Asks You About Your Love Life

This is huge... very huge. Any ex who's asking whether or not you've moved on with someone else is completely still interested in dating you again. It may not happen right away, but what he's doing here is fishing for information on how much time he has. No matter what he says about 'wishing you the best' or 'finding someone else better for you', your ex does NOT want to see you dating any new boyfriends.

The signs of jealousy on your ex's part will be pretty guarded, but these signals are often so transparant you can see right through them. Don't embellish or elaborate on your love life. If you have an upcoming love interest, be honest with him. If not, don't lie about it. In trying to get back with an ex boyfriend, you'll want to build your new relationship based on both honesty and trust. Lying to make your ex boyfriend jealous or going out with someone for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from him is definitely not the way to go.

He's Suddenly Overly Attentive or Complimenting Toward You

The quest to win back your boyfriend begins alone, but it ends with him making a conscious effort to put you back into his life. One of the ways he'll show he's ready to do this is by being overly nice to you, or by complimenting you on things he's never noticed before. These were the types of behaviors he used to impress you at the beginning of your courtship, and he's going to pull the same types of moves in getting you back.

Look for this, and be accepting of it. All the extra attention can be very nice, and it may be awkward or hard for him to do this in light of the way he broke up with you. If you're looking to get your ex back into the same type of long term relationship, go with the flow and accept his flattery with some of your own.

Friends With Your Ex

He Asks You To Come Out With His Friends

This is one of the final signs your ex will exhibit when he's ready to get back into a relationship with you. Seeing you alone is one thing, but once he brings you out again with his friends? This requires an explaination from him to them. He has to to let them know whether or not you're back together, so he's definitely not going to bring you around until he has a definitive answer that he can give (or has already given) to his buddies. If your exboyfriend is asking you out along with the rest of his friends, there's even a good chance he already considers the two of you unofficially back togther again.

If a night like this brings the two of you once more into a romantic light, that's fine. Be affectionate and appreciative, but save any heavy talk for another time when the two of you are alone. In order to build a new foundation together, you'll need to discuss what happened to your old one. But being out with his friends and having a great time is definitely not the time or place for it. Try to hold any questions you have for your ex until a later date, and don't act all confused or weirded out by the situation.

What To Do If Your Ex Shows None of These Signs?

If you want your ex boyfriend back and he's not yet throwing off any of the above signals, you'll need to take immediate steps toward making him want you back. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to repair the relationship. The steps within this guide are a great start, but in order to ensure success, there are some other lesser-known tricks and techniques you'll need to apply.

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