Common Relationship Mistakes That Will Drive Men Away

There are lots of things you can do to win a man over, but keeping him happy is the tricky part. Men seem a lot more complicated than they really are, mostly because women don't understand what makes them tick. Very often it's not what you do, but what you don't do that will determine how happy and secure your boyfriend is in your relationship.

Many girls don't even realize which behaviors are the ones that will drive men away. To avoid exhibiting them within your own relationship, you first need to understand what they are:

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1) Neediness

If you ask men what they want in a woman, one of the top answers is always the same: independance. A woman who's both confidence and independant is extremely attractive to a man, and it's one of the earliest things they look for. Women seem to know this too, and often try to exhibit this trait when attracting a male. Everyone wants to be self-sufficient.

Later on the in relationship however, many girls get needy. Spending lots of time with your boyfriend is great, but relying upon him to provide every last bit of entertainment is not. When your man wants a night to himself, or with his friends, don't sigh.

Even worse, don't call him throughout the night and make him feel guilty about you being alone. It's a really big turn-off and a sign of insecurity when your girlfriend can't (or won't) have fun without you.

To a guy, nothing's better than coming home, calling your girl, and finding her in a really great mood. A truly self-sufficient girlfriend is an incredible asset, and guys are always going to appreciate one.

2) Insecurity

Going hand and hand with neediness, insecurity is another trait most men find undesirable. Women tend to be insecure about different things then men. And in looking for validation, they can sometimes project these insecurities in ways that make them seem much bigger than they really are.

Men are usually bad at knowing when their woman needs a compliment or some positive feedback, so don't take this as a sign that he's not interested in your needs. Miscommunication due to insecurity can lead to big fights over nothing, and enough of these can ruin your relationship.

Be confident in yourself, and in your relationship. Confidence without arrogance is a huge turn-on for a man. It takes away the pressure of wondering if you're feeling down about something, requiring him to try and figure out just the right thing to say.

3) Game Playing

This is a huge one. So many times a relationship ends up devolving into a whole bunch of silly game-playing, with each partner trying to outdo the other. Instead of building a partnership your relationship turns into a competition, with each partner trying hard to be the one who's "winning".

Be straight up with your man when you speak with him. Instead of luring him to say something you can use as ammunition against him later, try to communicate on an honest level - one with no game playing. If you have a problem, tell him so you can work it out. But if you don't, try not to create one. Sometimes girls create situations just for the sake of getting a guy's attention... and while this works, it's not the kind of attention you want.

Any girl who can minimize gameplay during a relationship is going to be extremely desirable to a guy. By keeping it simple and uncomplicated, you'll both be happier around each other.

4) Frequent Moodiness

Everyone has their bad days. In a loving relationship, you and your partner should be able to cheer each other up whenever something bad happens, each moving the other forward with some positive encouragement. This is good, healthy, and the sign of an excellent partnerhip.

Relationship Mistakes

Very often though, some women get addicted to this type of attention. To create and perpetuate it, they often act a lot more depressed than they truly are. This requires their boyfriend to put in extra effort in order to keep them happy. It also becomes an escape outlet whenever they want something changed or altered in the relationship, from their boyfriend's behavior to some upcoming plans. These girls learn to twist the moods upward and downward to get what they need to out of a situation.

What happens next is that their boyfriend begins to resent them. It's a lot of work to put up with constant moodiness, no matter how much you love someone. Neglect begins, and the girl acts even more moody to attract attention. As the man stops catering to the woman's every little need, the girl will show anger or resentment at her man's refusal to stop everything he's doing to appease her. From there they'll grow further and further apart. Each one will grow increasingly mad at the other, with neither of them realizing why.

Try to be happy in your relationship. Being down over something is fine, but being constantly in a bad mood is a huge turn-off. Men are attracted to women who laugh and have fun: it enhances their own fun and makes for a good time. Sighing and frowning should be reserved for legitimate problems, not for something as simple as your man being 10 minutes late forgetting to pick you up a cup of coffee on his way to your house. Moodiness is a lot of work.

5) "Letting" Him Do Something

Some girls feel that dating a man entitles them to dictate their boyfriend's entire agenda. After the initial courtship is over, the relationship settles into a state where the girl may feel she has comfortable control over her boyfriend's actions. The simple act of going somewhere starts requiring permission, and some guys go right along with it.

It's one thing for your boyfriend to ask if the two of you had anything planned this weekend before committing to a night out with his friends. That's common courtesy. But if he has to actually ask you IF he can go out with the guys... you've got a pretty tight leash on him.

Many girls think this is desirable. They think they've got their man right where they want him - trained and subservient - they can keep an eye on him, always know what he's up to, prevent him from cheating, etc... What's funnier is that half the sitcoms on the planet perpetuate this kind of 'female empowerment' type behavior, in both marriages and relationships. They make it look like a pretty appealing way of keeping your man in check.

What you're really doing here is castrating your own relationship. Chances are you were attracted to your boyfriend or husband because he's a MAN. When you take away his ability to make his own simple decisions, one of two things is going to happen (and probably both). First, you're going to lose respect for him as a man, inwardly resenting his subservient caving to your every whim. Second, he's going to one day mount a full rebellion. Either you'll lose him that day, or he'll start doing everything secretly and without your knowledge.

Don't ever get into a relationship where you "let" your man go out and play, buy something, do something, or anything like that. You shouldn't expect to be controlled like that yourself, so you shouldn't be the one doing the controlling. When you love someone, it's a 50/50 partnership. By keeping it that way, you're working together and keeping mutual respect for one another - with no one resenting the other as overbearing, commanding, or all-powerful. To sum it up: Being a team is a thousand times better than being in charge.

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