More Relationship Mistakes That Drive Men Away

This is part 2 of the most common behaviors that bring about the end of a relationship. To read part one, click here.

6) A Condescending Attitude

With comfort comes confidence, and if not unchecked this can result in taking your partner for granted. This can lead to a situation where the girl feels somehow superior to her boyfriend, and you'd be surprised at how many guys actually accept this role. The condescending attitude that follows will slowly chip away at your man's confidence, ego, and most of all, his feelings toward you as a person. Eventually, you'll push him away.

Anger toward boyfriend

How many times have you watched someone you know repeatedly berate their boyfriend? Do you consider that a good relationship? Have you ever seen a relationship recover from a situation like that, reverting back into a healthy one? Probably not. That's because when one person mentally and verbally abuses the other, it results in a downward spiral that's very hard to pull out of... from either partner's position.

Again, equal footing in a relationship goes a long way toward staying together happily. When each partner has full respect for the other, it's a lot easier to stay in love. In fact, love grows as the two of you build a partnership together on equal ground, with no one towering and no one cowering. It's the only way to keep things.

Treating your boyfriend in a condescending way is no better than the opposite behavior of putting him up on a pedestal. Eventually, one of you is destined for an upset. Keep respect for your man, and treat him as an equal. If you've lost respect or your relationship is too far gone for that, then it's only a matter of time... the two of you are doomed to failure.

7) High Drama

You'll hear this time and time again - guys don't like drama. But to a woman, it's often hard to define exactly what the term drama means. What may seem important to one person isn't necessarily all that important to another. These types of diverging viewpoints can often lead to frustration on one side of the relationship.

Woman Men Adore

You might think the yelling, screaming, and hardcore fighting sometimes involved in a relationship is drama - and you'd be right. But men also consider many other things as well, maybe even things you're doing on a daily basis without ever realizing it's affecting him.

Getting upset over little things usually leads to unnecessary grief, which in turn translates into your boyfriend having to console you. Things your friends did, your boss did, stuff that happened at work... it's only natural to want to run these things past him in your every day relationship. Yet it's not so much what you say as it is how you say it (and how much you say it) that determines whether you're stressing your man out on things he deems as needless concerns.

Take stock of yourself, and ask some inner questions. Do you flip out a lot? If so, over what? How many times a day? Think about the things you're getting aggravated over, and ask yourself how important they are. Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, and try to eliminate freaking out over the lower ones. Take the ones that are left, and figure out how many times a day you mention them or bring them up to your boyfriend. When you put yourself in his shoes, does it seem excessive?

A good man will always put his arm around your shoulder when you're having a bad time with something. But if you're having a bad time with something ten times a day... he's going to run out of reassurance very quickly. The less drama in your life, the better off your relationship will be. And you'll be de-stressing yourself in the process!

8) Bringing Up Past Fights

An extremely common issue among people in a relationship is built-up resentment. If your frustrations never have an outlet, you can really end up feeling angry and bitter toward your partner. This is why problems and issues should be discussed openly, right away, in order to resolve them.

Mad at your boyfriend

Once resolved however, let them go. Many women take the bad things men do and store them in the back of their mind, ready to whip them out at a moment's notice to use against them. The same argument, fight, or transgression can be used in five or six fights... and while you feel vindicated that you were right about that one particular spat, it doesn't make it right for you to beat your boyfriend up with it over and over again.

Not letting things go is a bad sign that you've got a lot of unresolved issues in your relationship. When your man screws up, call him on it - but don't get happy or excited that you have some new ammunition to use on him for the next fight. Keeping your relationship clear from the clutter of past fighting is always a good move. When something heals, leave it alone. Pulling the scab off a previous fight just to make a point is always going to cause problems, and you'll leave a lot more unresolved issues hanging out there than there should be.

9) Never Following Through

As much as women are attracted to men who are driven and ambitious, today's man wants a modern woman with similar direction. While you don't need to start law school tomorrow, a guy does want to see you follow through on some of the things you're always telling him that you're going to do.

A girl who's wishy-washy all the time can eventually turn a man off to wanting to listen to her. Talking about doing something and then changing plans is one thing. But if you're constantly pulling your man's mind in fresh directions each week with some new master plan, and then changing that plan over and over again without accomplishing anything, chances are he's going to start ignoring you. Whenever you talk future endeavours, your boyfriend is not going to take you seriously. This will lead to you becoming mad at him, even though he hasn't done anything.

10) Revenge Behavior

Nothing's a bigger turnoff for a guy than having a girlfriend who's out to "get him" for something. A relationship should be something you look forward to and enjoy, not dread because you know your partner's going to get you back for something that happened. Revenge always leads to break ups.

No matter what your man may have done, you need to deal with it as mature two adults. Bring it out in the open and discuss it, then figure out how it can be resolved. Let him explain what he will do to fix things, and once a resolution is agreed upon, that should be it. Don't extend the fight any longer than necessary.

If what he did was bad enough to break up with him (such as cheating) - so be it. End the relationship and move forward... getting on with your life is always the best revenge you can get. Planning to wreak some vengance upon him is never the answer, and as much as you think it's going to make you feel better it'll only serve to make you feel worse.

By indulging in revenge behavior you're also destroying any chance you might have of getting your ex boyfriend back. You may not want him right now, but you also may not be thinking clearly. It's best to take a step back and examine things later, when you have a clear head.

Seeking out some type of strange revenge against your ex will forever mark you in his eyes. You'll always be 'that' type of girl. It's not a stigma you can easily lose, so consider this carefully before you start slashing tires, stalking him at work, or acting impulsively.

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