Getting Your Boyfriend Back by Making HIM Chase YOU

Sometimes relationships end suddenly, with one person wanting the other person back. If you got dumped by your boyfriend out of the blue, you might have a thousand questions. Most of all, you're probably looking to get your ex boyfriend back. But the best way to accomplish this is not to chase him... it's to make him chase you.

Make Him Chase You

When your boyfriend ends your relationship, there's one thing you need to realize: somewhere out there is a pathway that leads right back into his heart. There are a specific set of circumstances and moves you could make that would ultimately fix your break up... the only problem is you don't yet know what they are. Finding out precisely the right methods for getting back your boyfriend involve some thought, insight, and soul-searching on your part. This is why you'll need to have a clear mind and a level head.

The first thing you'll need to do is take control of your own situation. If you're upset, depressed, forlorn or desperate, there's no way you'll be able to formulate your plan of attack. Winning back your boyfriend requires strategy and patience, and you'll also need to be attractive enough that he'll want you back in the first place. No guy wants to fix his relationship by taking back a teary-eyed wreck of an ex-girlfriend.

The next thing you should realize: power is everything. By ending your relationship, your exboyfriend has taken control of the entire break up. By apologizing and trying to talk him out of it, you've given him every last ounce of control you might have had left to you. He's sitting there holding all the cards, and you've got nothing. This situation is pretty bleak, and you'll need to fix it before you can fix your breakup. Only by shifting the balance of power back in your favor will your ex consider dating you again. And how do you do that? By disrupting his comfortable little world.

Realizing That Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You... And Using Them

You see, even though your ex ended things he still has feelings for you. Deep down inside there's a place where he loved you, and that place might've gotten obscured by things lately. Maybe you fought too much, over too insignificant of issues. Maybe he felt trapped or suffocated, or maybe he just wants to see what other options are available.

The fact he broke up with you doesn't mean he doesn't still love you, or that there isn't something you can do to make your ex want you back. In fact, you've got an advantage here because you've already made him fall in love with you once. When? At the beginning of your relationship.

When you've stopped feeling sorry for yourself and have finally started thinking straight, it's time to think back on the beginning stages of your relationship. Try to remember how your ex felt about you back then, and more importantly, why he felt that way. Odds are you were behaving quite a lot differently back then. You both were. The initial attraction that brought you together was fed by some mutual admiration, compliments, and cool things you shared with each other when you first met. As time went on, maybe the two of you lost sight of those things. Maybe you took each other for granted, and stopped working together as a team.

If you can figure out what made your ex fall for you in the first place, you've taken a giant step toward winning back your exboyfriend. With these reinsertion techniques you can re-create the person you once were, and you can put forth the exact same vibes that made him want to be with you.

Do this in a calm, clear, confident manner... and your ex will notice. Maybe not right away, but there are ways you can get him to notice. And most of all, you'll need to get your ex to come back to you so he can realize it. This requires getting him interested in your again. And the way you do that? By disappearing completely.

The Most Effective Ways of Getting Him To Need You Again

Dropping out of sight and breaking contact with your exboyfriend is one of the best ways to make your ex chase you. Since your break up, you've always been right where he left you. Now he turns around, and suddenly you're no longer there. Your ex will get curious as to what you've been up to, and how come it doesn't include chasing him anymore? As his curiosity grows, he may try to reach out to you. This is when you'll need to be prepared, so make sure you've completed the first steps to getting him back: re-inventing the person he fell in love with.

In short, you need your ex to see you as independent, and not relying on him. This is where he'll respect you, as well as wonder where you went. Winning him back is all about changing the way he currently sees you, and reversing his opinion until he once again views you as attractive and desirable - emotionally as well as physically.

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