Step 8 - Making Him Love You Forever - Creating an Indestructible Relationship

Getting back with your ex can be one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. The pain of your break up gets wiped away by the promise of a new future together, and the both of you end up with a deeper appreciation of your love. You've now got something many people don't have: a second chance. This rare gift is why you need to concentrate on building this new relationship up together, making it ten-times stronger than the last one ever was.

Getting Back With Your Boyfriend

Wipe The Slate Fully & Totally Clean

Nothing's as good as a fresh start. No matter what past troubles you might've had, let them go. Don't build this relationship on the ruins of a bad one... pave over the past, each of you starting with a clean slate. Remember only the good times, and let go of the bad ones.

Each of you should promise the other that you'll never hold anything that previously happened against them. In doing this, you're sparing yourself the heartache of having to remember those bad times. Simultaneously, you're giving your relationship a clean bill of health and the overall greatest chance for success.

Love Should Be Fun... Not A Full-Time Job

Look around you. See all those miserable people stuck in terrible relationships? Learn from that. These relationship-zombies have forgotten why they got together in the first place: because falling in love is fun and exciting. The comfort of having a partner you care about - and who cares about you in return - is something magical and precious. It should supercede any stupid fight, argument, or conflict you have with one another.

Will disagreements happen? Always. But they should be settled quickly and put aside in light of the fact that you love each other. Any couple can stay together. But only happy couples know the secret to staying in love lies in not sweating over the little things, and resolving any issues before they grow.

Point out one or two of those bad relationships to your partner, and then make vows that you'll never end up like those people. Love should be happy and fun - the minute it starts becoming work for someone, that person begins to resent the relationship as a whole. He or she drags the other person down to their level, which in turn breeds even more resentment. And then before you know it, you're only around each other out of habit - not because you actually enjoy each other's company anymore.

Relationship Teamwork

You're a Team, So Work Together!

The best couples are happy for one another's successes, and always work toward a common goal. You'd be shocked at how many men and women are actually jealous of their partner when something good happens, and then feel the need to outdo or trump that person's accomplishment. This leads to tit-for-tat behavior, where either the boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, is always trying to 'beat' their better half. When they aren't similarly triumphant, resentment builds. The belittling of their mate's original success soon follows.

Seems a little sick, doesn't it? Yet if you look closely at a lot of relationships, you'll see this type of behavior taking place. What's worse, most of these people don't even realize what they're doing to sabotage their relationship. When love becomes a competition between the two halves, it becomes a problem that's hard to identify or reverse.

This is why teamwork is essential to any good marriage or relationship. You should show love, happiness, and support for your man in everything that he does. Do that, and you'll find yourself getting the same type of support back in your own efforts. Suddenly you're both on the same side - and you should be! A good relationship should make you better and stronger: as a team, each of you should be more formidable than the sum of your individual parts.

Trust & Breathing Room - They Go Hand in Hand

Some relationships die from a complete lack of oxygen. Without room to breathe, one partner will eventually feel stifled or trapped. If you suspect your original romance suffered from this problem, you'll definitely need to re-evaluate your approach to being with your boyfriend.

Repairing a Relationship

Having mistrust in someone breeds animosity at the deepest, most damaging levels. Some girlfriends believe the best way to keep a man from lying or cheating is to be around them (or in contact with them) 24 hours a day. This round-the-clock guard duty is not only exhausting, but it also causes resentment on both sides. She resents anything he does without her, and he resents having to be babysat wherever he goes.

No matter what, you have to accept something: love is always a risk. When you fall for someone there's always the possibility you might get hurt. Nothing you can do or say will fully eliminate that risk, so why waste your energy trying? It's better to concentrate those efforts on building a better relationship with your partner. Create a strong bond between you, one full of love, mutual respect, and breathing room. When each of you has the room to breathe freely, you'll find that your time alone is usually spent thinking about and missing your partner.

All girls are clingy. They always want you around. When you're out without them, they're texting you or calling you and generally making excuses to check up on anything that you're doing.

Some girls even do this because they're bored - they can't have any fun on their own. Maybe they've been around you so long they lost touch with their own friends, hobbies, or interests. These types of girls are worst of all; the ones who rely on you to provide every single bit of entertainment in their lives. It gets overwhelming and tired real fast.

If you somehow manage to find a non-clingy girlfriend, you'd better hold onto her with both hands. It's the #1 thing guys are looking for in a relationship.

Keeping Your Boyfriend Happy And In Love With You - Final Thoughts

Succeeding in getting your ex back into your arms is only half the battle. Keeping him happy and loving you is something entirely different. It'll require the completion of your own happiness, because love is never one-sided. A relationship is a living, breathing entity that requires two people to keep it alive.

Winning Back Your Boyfriend

By absorbing the information within this guide, you've got a pretty good idea of how the male mind works when it comes to dating and relationships. The advice you've been given goes beyond simple tips and tricks for getting your ex-boyfriend to come back to you, it also involves the continued happiness and well-being of any future relationship you might have. Read, learn, and build upon these concepts. Understand why and how they work. Incorporate them into your daily thinking, and apply them to your own lovelife situations.

But before beginning your own journey, make sure you've fully armed yourself with the right knowledge on what to do. Getting back an ex requires the complete understanding of the common mistakes that could cost you any chance you have at winning him over. The resources provided below include one that's absolutely essential to getting your boyfriend back:

The Magic of Making Up

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