The most heartwrenching, stomach-churning part of the breakup process is always the same: waiting for your ex to make that all-important first contact.

Get Exboyfriend to Make Contact

Sometimes, it seems that call will never come. It'll look like your ex doesn't miss you, isn't even thinking about you, and is never going to text-message you again.

It's easy to despair, here. You'll start getting so depressed that you'll want to pick up the phone yourself. You'll want to do the unthinkable: call him first. Which you know, of course, is the worst idea in the world while trying to win him back.

So if your boyfriend hasn't made contact, what can you do? Is that it? Or are there really methods and techniques you can use to get him to make that first, crucial move in your direction?

After the Break Up: A Two-Sided Analysis

Before anything else, it helps to understand the anatomy of a break up... from both sides of the situation. For both the person doing the dumping and the person on the receiving end, there are bad feelings, bittersweet memories, relief, remorse, and regret.

For the person initiating the end of the romance, breaking away can be a long-sought reprieve. Keep in mind that not everybody breaks up at the first sign of trouble, and some couples stay in a bad relationship for way too long. Whatever caused the very end was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. The decision to end things might have been a long time in the making, which means it's not going to be an easy thing to reverse.

This is why knee-jerk breakups always make for the the fastest reconciliations. If your ex broke up with you over something small and stupid (a dumb argument, etc...) winning him back will be easy. It's a simple matter of fixing that one little problem, or the correct party apologizing, or whatever the case may be.

In the end though, the person breaking up with you has all the power. He holds all the cards (for now), and he guards the keys that can open the door to your past relationship.

On the other hand, the person who got dumped has NO power. She's the loser in the breakup; whether it was a long time coming or the breakup came from out of the clear blue sky, the person on the receiving end must do several key things before getting back together is even possible.

Learning to shift the balance of power back in your favor is key here. There are several good ways to do this, but it must be done correctly or you run the risk of pushing your ex in the other direction.

Both parties however, will feel pain. Both will feel remorse. Hey, something good came to an unwanted end. Think about that. If you were to go back to the first few days or weeks of your romance, and bring your ex back there as well, think either of you would want to let your relationship go? Of course not.

This is exactly the reason why there is ALWAYS HOPE. No matter what happened to sour the romance and break you up, there's always a way to backtrack... a path that leads exactly back to the way things were, regardless of what happened along the way. Yes, even in the case where he cheated on you, or if you were unfaithful to him.

Fastest Ways to Get Your Ex To Miss You

Think about what it takes to miss somebody. Can you miss them if they're always there? What about if they're always within arm's reach, or just a few keyclicks away on your cellphone?

Not so much, right? Because what it takes to REALLY miss someone is not seeing them for a while. Not talking to them. Not being able to contact them whenever you feel like it.

This is when you think about someone the most: when you can't get to them. It's human nature, really. Just like when you want something most when you know you can't have it.

NOW you understand why your ex boyfriend isn't missing you right now; you haven't really gone away. Your ex knows you're still in love with them, or hung up on them, and they know they can reach you anytime they want. Rather than miss you, they're provided with a nice, cushy breakup safety net. Without even saying much, you're letting them know they can have you back at the drop of a hat (or with the touch of a few buttons).

To get your boyfriend interested again, you have to shake his confidence. To make him want you, you need to become scarce. Rare. Valuable.

Most of all, you need him to see you exactly as he did when he first started dating you.

Believe it or not, you can totally do that. There are some fairly unconventional methods for reopening a direct connection between you and your ex boyfriend's heart. You can reawaken his original feelings with just a few simple tips, so make sure to watch all the way through the video.

Talking to Your Ex Boyfriend After the Breakup

If you made your ex contact you first, good for you. It's a great signal that he's missing you a lot, and if you're looking to win him back you're already halfway there. That said, you still have work to do.

But even if you haven't managed to get him to call first? That's still okay. There are reasons you can use to contact your ex, as long as you've gone the required amount of time without contacting your ex. Yes, this is difficult. Yes, it's painful. But if you want good results when you finally do call him? You'll want to make sure you've steered clear of ALL contact for at least this long.

Talking to your ex again shouldn't be awkward. If it is, you haven't prepared. Before calling, you'll want to do a few things. One of them is have an exit strategy already prepared; a way to end the phone call on your terms, which slides the power-needle ever so slightly in your direction.

You'll always want to keep the conversation light and innocent. No heavy topics, no accusations, and absolutely don't talk about your past relationship (or the breakup). It's okay to tell your ex you miss him, but not that you "(sigh)... MISS him". It's probably better to use the phrase "it's great to talk to you again," or end the conversation with something like "I forgot how much I liked talking to you."

Take that last line. You liked (not loved) talking to him, and that's nice to hear. But you also FORGOT how much you enjoyed it. Meaning you've kind of moved on, to bigger and better things, if you're not even really *thinking* about your ex so much that you actually forgot what it was like to talk to him.

See? It's the little things. The words and wording; little subtle tricks that put your ex boyfriend into a different frame of mind. There are things you can say to set him on his back foot, to put him on the defense, if you will. Hints you can drop, without really pounding them home, that convince your ex that something about you has changed... and changed for the better, too.

How to Make Your Ex See You The Way He Did When You First Fell in Love

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