Get Your Ex boyfriend to Sleep With You

You want him back really, really badly... but should you sleep with him?

And what if your ex is not responding? How can you get your ex boyfriend back into bed, when he won't even talk or communicate with you?

How To Sleep with Ex boyfriend

Sex with your ex can always be tricky. On one hand it's fairly natural to have sex with a guy you've already been sleeping with for so long. On the other, it might create emotional attachments that could drive one or both of you into wanting a relationship again.

If you're hoping that sex will help get your ex back, you're not the first person to come to such a conclusion. If that's why you're here, fine, but understand there are several extra steps you need to take, beyond the sex, that will trick your ex into seeing you as his girlfriend again.

And if you're just here for the sex? That's fine too. Just be careful that you don't get hurt, because some very powerful emotions can be dragged to the surface when you start sleeping with your ex boyfriend again.

Okay, enough with the warnings. Let's begin.

Recapturing Your Boyfriend's Initial Attraction For You

I want you to think back for a minute. Back to the beginning of your romance, when you and your boyfriend first started hooking up.

Do you remember how magical everything was? How totally INTO him you were... and he into you? How no matter what you did, or he did, you both thought of each other as cute and adorable?

Now think back to the physical part of your relationship. All that dripping hot, amazing sex that you had with each other. It didn't matter how much you saw each other, you always wanted more. It didn't matter how much you slept together, neither one of you could ever get enough.

Are you there yet? Okay. Good.

In order to get your ex to have sex with you again, you need to re-create that exact mindset. You have to reopen those original floodgates; the ones full of love and lust and uncontrollable hormones. Those first few passionate encounters filled your boyfriend's mind with nothing but pure unbridled lust for you. And the best part?

You can do the same thing again.

Restoring the Honeymoon Phase of Your Relationship

Understand that the first few weeks of anyone's relationship are almost identical. Everything is fresh and thrilling. Everyone is out to impress and excite the other person.

See, back then, you didn't HAVE your boyfriend yet. You were in the process of winning him over. To do that, you worked extra hard at just about everything. You were always happy. Cheerful. Interested. You didn't argue so much - especially over the little things - and you let a lot of stuff slide.

Your boyfriend on the other hand did many of the same things. Sexually he was out to make a HUGE impression on you. He did things to win you over - physical things, emotional things - and in the bedroom he worked his ass off to make sure you were satisfied.

Basically, you DESIRED each other. Wholly and completely.

So to get him back? It's not enough that he knows how you feel. You've got to lure him in with that same, original desire. You've got to overload his mind, and his body, with the electric feeling he encountered when he first started dating you.

Being Friends With Benefits With Your Ex Boyfriend

The fastest way to sleep with your ex boyfriend is to approach him as a friend. This can only happen if you've convinced him you're 100% okay with breaking up, and instead of trying to get him back, you're only looking to be friends with him from now on.

If all you want is sex? Great. This is the way to go. But if you want your ex back? If you want him to see you as a girlfriend again? You'll need to take these extra steps that will plant the seeds of a future relationship with him.

Becoming friends in this particular case will help get you physically together. You'll be able to hang out with your ex boyfriend. Eventually, he'll even confide in you. But you absolutely have to agree with the breakup. If he gets wind that you're only in this so you can get closer to him emotionally? He's going to take off in the other direction.

Here's what you say when you want to be friends with your ex:

"Just wanted you to know I'm sorry about how things ended. I really messed things up!"
(Laugh here)
"But that's okay. I'm glad we figured out we're better off as friends, rather than boyfriend or girlfriend. It keeps us from resenting each other. Even as a friend, you mean a lot to me."

Once you do this, you're instantly on your boyfriend's side. Rather than fighting against him (a.k.a. fighting "for" the relationship), you just joined his team. Congratulations. He can't push you away because you're no longer trying to get him to do something he doesn't want. In time, he'll trust you... as long as you keep up the 'friendship' side of things with him.

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend to Want You Again

Okay, on to the good stuff. To get him to desire you again - physically as well as emotionally - you'll need to do the following three things.

1) Date Other Guys

Yes, I know this seems counter-intuitive. But if you want your exboyfriend to see you as desirable again? You need to show him you have value.

The best way to do this is to date other people. You don't have to be serious about dating, or even pick guys you'd feel like getting into a relationship with. Think of it as practice dating. A temporary time-out from your boyfriend, where you get to go out and see how other guys treat you.

Relax and have fun. More importantly, you want him to SEE you having that fun. Because when your ex sees you with other guys? Jealousy will follow. His head will spin with a thousand different emotions as he starts remembering when he was that guy out having fun with you.

2) Start Some New Sports or Hobbies

Are you interesting? If not, your boyfriend isn't going to be interested. Keep that in mind, because if your day is filled with lots and lots of nothing? Chances are you're not doing enough to make yourself desirable.

Instead, choose things that make you happy. Playing sports or joining a team is always a good way to enjoy yourself, be social, and even get some exercise too. Also, guys love sports. Seeing you active and having fun with something - especially something you never did when you were with him - will make your exboyfriend see you as a high value, datable girl.

3) Have a Blast Without Him - Hanging out With Friends

When your ex looks up he should see you ALWAYS enjoying yourself. As a friend, he'll call you or text you and you should always be busy. Cut conversations short as you go off to the next thing. Hang out with friends - especially friends that might know your ex.

These types of activities are going to drive your ex boyfriend crazy with how you got over the breakup so quickly. See, guys hate being wrong. Having a great time without him in your life will make your ex see you as totally desirable again. You're fun, you're happy, you're interesting. You have value again. And why did he even dump you to begin with? Hell if he knows!

Getting Your Ex boyfriend to Have Sex With You

At this point, you ex is ready to sleep with you (if he hasn't already). Here's why:

  • You've demonstrated that you're totally over the relationship. This makes you approachable.
  • You've started a whole new life without him. This makes your boyfriend feel left behind.
  • You agreed to be his friend. This means he can hang out with you, bounce things off of you, and yes, sleep with you too.
  • You make yourself socially desirable. And you already know he physically desires you, because he dated you once before.
  • The two of you have a comfortable past history together. The bad stuff is fading, and the good stuff is getting glorified through nostalgia.

Hanging out at this point should be totally comfortable. Look for the signs your ex still likes you, and watch how he behaves around you. Does he flirt with you? Give off any signals through body language?

Sex with Your Exboyfriend

When the two of you went out, you cultivated some very strong emotional ties. Even though you broke up, those ties are still there. Your boyfriend might be trying to bury them right now - and that's okay (for now) - but when he sees you laughing and joking and having a great time as a his friend? He'll remember those connections. And emotional closeness is right alongside physical closeness, which is what comes next.

At this point, if you followed all the steps, your ex boyfriend should already have made a move. Sleeping with him is your choice. There are pros and cons of course, but if your goal was to have sex with your ex you've accomplished at least that.

Think about it. You're friends, you're attracted to each other... and it's just sex. You already slept together dozens and dozens of times - maybe even more. Doing it once or twice more isn't going to hurt anyone. Right? Right.

Basically, getting your boyfriend naked again is all about making him rationalize sleeping with you. At this point there should be a dozen reasons why having sex is a good idea, and no reasons why it shouldn't happen.

Emotionally though, you need to be careful. If you want him back as an ex boyfriend, you don't want to get burned. You'll want to make sure the sex means something. That it's more that just two people getting their rocks off.

To do that, you'll need to get him interested in you as a GIRLFRIEND again. You'll have to reverse his thinking. Change the way he currently views you, and turn that friendship back into a relationship again.

There are other ways of making him jealous, and you should learn these. Employ them correctly, and you can make your ex feel stupid for having broken up with you in the first place.

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